#StartupLokal community is a community that gathers startup founders, digital/tech world enthusiasts, investors and media to meet and find a chance to collaborate. This community started since April 2010 and has been growing exponentially.

#StartupLokal community has regular monthly #StartupLokal Meetup that is open for public and it’s free.

An average of 200-335 people participated on #StartupLokal Meetup and it keeps growing. The topics of the meetup varies from communication, branding, public relation, investment, and all the topics that have connection to startup scene. We’re focusing on business topics of startup. 

#StartupLokal is initiated by 3 initiators, they are Aulia Halimatussadiah (Ollie @salsabeela), Natali Ardianto (@nataliardianto), Nuniek Tirta (@nuniek). They are helped by 3 associates: Kreshna Bayu Aji (@bayu99), Hadi Gunawan (@hadigunawan), Indra Santosa (@indrasantosa90).

If you want to support the community and looking for a chance to work together with #StartupLokal, please do so by sending an e-mail to the initiators on

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