StartupLokal v.82 - The GREAT EIGHT for 8th #StartupLokal Anniversary

StartupLokal v.82 - The GREAT EIGHT for 8th #StartupLokal Anniversary

This is our special moment. It has been 8 years we present in Indonesia, as a community that gathers startup founders, digital/tech world enthusiasts, investors and media to meet and find a chance to collaborate. 

Started since 2010 from a coffee shop, we have growing exponentially through our regular monthly #StartupLokal meetup that bring founder/co-founder or C-level management from local or even international startup to share their insight and experience to inspire tens or even hundreds of #StartupLokal Meetup attendees.

To celebrate 8th anniversary of #StartupLokal community, #StartupLokal invited the great eight, 8 persons who will share their best lesson learned and the most valuable things to have in startup business & operation; from technical thingy, public relation, human resource, marketing to financial & investment - based on their expertise:

- Norman Sasono (Co-Founder & CTO Bizzy Indonesia)

- Ken Ratri Iswari (Founder & CEO GeekHunter)

- M. Fajrin Rasyid (Co-Founder & President Bukalapak)

- Nanda Ivens (CEO Qandeo Asia Consulting)

- Denny Santoso (Founder & Serial Entrepreneur)

- Rieke Caroline (Founder & CEO KontrakHukum)

- William Gozali (Head of Investments MDI Ventures)

- Rama Mamuaya (Founder & CEO

Event rundown:

18.00 – 18.40: Registration, Networking, & Dinner

18.40 – 18.45: Opening by MC

18.45 – 19.00: Startupdates by xsight

19.00 – 19.15: Opening Speech by Ery Punta H. (Managing Director Indigo Creative Nation)

19.15 – 19.30: Opening by #StartupLokal representative & "Potong Tumpeng" Ceremony

19.30 – 20.50: Sharing session from the Great Eight: best lesson learned and the most valuable things to have in startup business & operation.

20.50 – 21.20: Q&A Session

21.20 – 21.25: Closing remarks

21.25 – 21.30: Photo session

21.30 – 22.00: Networking

Please come early at 18.00 to have your dinner

*Details on the rundown is subject to change without prior notice. If you have news for Startup Updates or you'd like to pitch at our event, please email us your material. StartupLokal event is supported by Telkom Indonesia.

This event is FREE. We don't want to limit the participants and we want to keep this high quality event FREE so please help us by attending the event with the intention to learn and have your full attention to the speakers. There's available time for networking BEFORE and AFTER the event.

See you around!

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