StartupLokal Meetup v.85: The Future of Agritech

#StartupLokal Meetup v.85: The Future of Agritech

Agriculture in Indonesia is very vital to the economy and hence so is Agritech in Indonesia. Agriculture in Indonesia accounted for 50% of the total employment in 2014 (FAOStat), and contributed 14% to the country's GDP in the year (World Bank). Most of these Indonesian farmers are working on less than a hectare, which means they are working on a small scale with low technology and limited access to information and education. With the rise in population, rapid urbanization and reduced cultivable land, there is a high need for technology in the sector. 

In this #StartupLokal Meetup, we are glad to be able to invite Ivan Arie Sustiawan - CEO & Co-founder Tanihub & Tanifund to share case study and his insight on innovation to address and solve some agricultural issues in Indonesia.

Founded in 2015, Tanihub along with Tanifund is a growing mission-driven agritech company in Indonesia that focus on bringing farmers to wider market while ensuring their access to financial through P2P lending system. Tanihub helps farmers with increased knowledge on innovative farming equipments, techniques, prices, capital access and the variety of online marketplaces.


18.00 – 18.45: Registration, dinner and networking

18.45 – 18.50: Opening by MC

18.50 – 19.00: Startup update

19.00 – 19.10: Opening speech by #StartupLokal

19.10 – 19.20: Opening speech by Telkom Indigo 

19.20 – 20.20: Keynote session by Ivan Arie Sustiawan - CEO & Co-founder Tanihub & Tanifund

20.20 – 20.50: Q&A session

20.50 – 22.00: Closing, photo session and networking

Please come early at 06.00 p.m. to have your dinner

*Details on the rundown is subject to change without prior notice. #StartupLokal event is supported by Telkom Indonesia.

This event is FREE. We don't want to limit the participants and we want to keep this high-quality event FREE so please help us by attending the event with the intention to learn and have your full attention to the speakers. There's available time for networking BEFORE and AFTER the event.

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